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"Our 16 year old blind silky terrier spent the weekend in Vivianne's care at our apartment. Because Kirby is old and blind, he can get anxious with strangers or in an unfamiliar situation. But when we came home, Kirby was relaxed, happy, and clearly well-cared for (so was my apt) Vivianne's love for dogs comes from her heart, and it communicates to the pets that she takes care of."
by Linda Kline

"When I come home from travel I can tell that my cats have been well cared for. They are glad to see me, but they are not panicky or starved for attention. I have had other pet sitters in the past that clearly only pass though the apartment long enough to dump food in the dishes and clean the litter box. Pet Angel spends some time with my kitties. I can tell in the way that only an owner can tell -- by their behavior.

Pet Angel has been caring for my two 'furries' for two years now. They seem to always be available -- weekends, week days, holidays. They have never failed to confirm sit dates or to show up as promised. They call if they have not heard that I am back as scheduled, and let me know if they observe something that could be of concern in my kitties' behavior".

by Elizabeth Harper

"Pet Angel has been taking care of my cats for over six years now. Vivianne is wonderful with my cats, which I know because when I come home they aren't angry with me. I appreciate that she asks me to call to confirm I made it home. If she doesn't hear from me she'll make an extra visit. Her love of animals is obvious when you talk to her. You can't get a more responsible, reliable, caring and devoted pet sitter than Vivianne"
by Stephanie H.

"Total and responsible TLC is what Vivianne (Pet Angel) provides our cats while we are away each and every time. We know they are in good hands which allows us to enjoy our travels. Two of our cats are elderly and require medication and special attention and they get it just as though we were home with them. Our third cat is a rascal who needs her eye cleansed daily -- again, Vivianne cleans the eye thoroughly and takes good care of her. If there are issues or concerns, we get a call from her. Vivianne spends time with them while she cares for our cats and always leaves us a detailed note summarizing her experiences and anything she noted that we might want to follow up on. Finally, we always have to call Vivianne when we get home so she knows we're back and the cats are not left alone. Her rates are very reasonable and she provides the best cat sitting care we've ever had. We recommend her highly, without reservation."
by Charlotte C.

"I had one cat ( i now have 2 ) named Emily who had to be alone for months at a time because I had to be with my mother who was critically ill out of state. Pet Angel did not complain, she just kept coming to see about lil'Emily, and sit and be with her as long as she could because she knew how long she was staying alone. I don't know what my mom and I would have done without Pet Angel! Her rates are especially good, and she always does a little extra!! THE MOST DEPENDABLE service I have ever had. Whenever I go away - all I have to do is call or email and as she already has keys, I don't have to arrange to meet her, i can leave my home with less thing to worry about. thank you Pet Angel!!"
by Nina M.

"Vivianne from Pet Angel walks my English bulldog twice a day. Anyone who owns a bulldog knows that is no easy task, but my dog comes back happy, exercised and safe. She is towel dried if the weather is wet , given water on walks in the heat and fed if I'm not home at mealtime. "
by Shelley E.

"I have been using Pet Angel for about 10 years and to say that she is amazing is an understatement. When you're out of town, not only does she care for your pet as if he was her own, she also does far more than you realize... she'll pop in at odd hours to give your home-alone cat extra attention. She'll notice that your supply of cat food is low so she'll pick up more at the shop and you can pay her later. If you're absentminded like me and go away without leaving enough medicine for your cat, she can even talk a pharmacist into giving her an emergency stop gap supply! She's also made a midnight trip to the Animal Medical Center, as a precaution, fearing my geriatric cat was taking a turn for the worse. She really cares....
Plus, she keeps an eye on your home and calls you if she spots anything unusual or odd in your apartment or the building.
In short, Pet Angel is simply spectacular. I guarantee that you will be thrilled to have found her."
by Joy Phelan

"Pet Angel dog walking and pet sitting is perfect for busy owners like me who are not home with their pets as much as they need to be. Your pet will have one-on-one attention from one of the most reliable people I have ever met. Whenever there is a change of schedule - which is rare - I always get a phone call in advance. Pet Angel is all about your pet. I have been a happy customer since 2003. Highly recommended!!"
by Chris Burchsted

"pet angel has been our saviour ever since we got our mini-poodle 6 years ago. she is exceptionally reliable, intelligent and loved by all members of the family."
by Slong L.

"We have been using Pet Angel for about a year now. It is a wonderful, caring and reliable service. We are very happy with it, and so are our cats! We recommend it highly."
Nanette V.

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