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Private Walks with TLC
 30 mins45 mins60 mins
1 Dog$20$25$30
Add'l Dogs
(same household)

Pet Angel® is not a pack walker and will not walk more than two dogs at a time unless they are in the same household.

During extreme weather, walks will be adjusted accordingly.

  • Walks between 7 pm and 9 am are $5 extra
  • Walks on weekends and holidays are $5 extra
  • Puppy training walks- $10 each for 2 or more walks daily
  • Quick relief walks, 15 mins long, are $10 each
  • 10% discount for 12 or more weekly, steady walks
  • Escorts to and from the vet or groomer are charged the same as walks

Not afiliated with Pet Angels LLC in South Jersey

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